Slaughter House Farm    

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The Slaughter House Farm at Laurel, Delaware is intended for your enjoyment. The consumption of alcohol, smoking, of the possession of firearms and/or explosives, including fireworks, on the property is strictly prohibited. Under-age drinkers will be arrested. Disorderly or aggressive behavior towards other patrons or employees will result in immediate ejection from the venue without a refund.

 By participating in the Slaughter House Farm and associated activities, you assume all risks and hazards associated with this event, and knowingly and freely assume the risk of any personal injury, property damage, property loss that you may suffer, concur, or sustain which could in any way be construed to be connected with, arise out of, or touch upon your participation in the activities at Slaughter House Farm. The Slaughter House Farm is meant to scare and terrify, and assumes no responsibility to how you or others react to such scares. In addition, the trail is uneven and poorly lit with many obstacles and structures that are potential hazards. By signing this release you also give Slaughter House Farm permission to use any and all photographs as well as videos for website and advertising purposes. By setting foot on the property you assume all risks and responsibilities, and waive The Slaughter House Farm and Terence Scott, Kerri Kennard, and Psychological Associates of Southern Delaware of any and all responsibilities, including and not limited to permanent impairment and/or death.

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(1) You have read and understood the above statement and agree to assume any

and all risks associated with your decision to patronize The Slaughter House Farm.


(2) You agree to release Terence Scott, Kerri Kennard, and Psychological Associates

of Southern Delaware and their successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors,

volunteers, employees, and property owners, of liability for any injuries or other harm

that you and/or your minor child(ren) may suffer at The Slaughter House Farm.




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