Slaughter House Farm    

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The dates are in for 2017!!! 

Slaughter House Farm 2017 opening dates are in!!!!! October 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th, and our community night October 31st. Come bring the kids out for a scary good time October 31st HALLOWEEN! Slaughter House Farm will only be open for two and a half hours to give back to our community on the 31st. Friendly Monsters will man candy stations throughout the farm giving candy away to the little monsters who come to visit. That's right Slaughter House Farm will be offering a safe place to trick or treat for the kids in our surrounding communities. Bounces houses will also be at the farm for the kids bouncing good time. THE COST YOU MIGHT ASK For our community night.........FREE!!!! That's right free!! Again Its Slaughter House Farm's way of giving back to our community!!!


    $13.00 per body Can you handle the horror come find out this year at Slaughter House Farm.






Rules and Warnings

To provide an enjoyable and safe experience for all patrons and crew members, the following rules and warnings are in effect and apply to all patrons / volunteers (without exception)

  1. No smoking or open flame of any kind
  2. Do not grab, hit or touch the actors or crew
  3. No alcohol or drugs
  4. No lewd behavior or language
  5. No firearms or weapons of any type
  6. No running, horseplay or fighting
  7. No flashlights, laser lights and any other forms of illumination, including cell phones, within the attractions. PLEASE NO CAMERAS!
  8. No mask or costumes covering your face or dragging on ground
  9. No line jumping

Anyone believed to be violating any of these rules will be immediately warned or escorted out of the attraction upon security staff discretion. Anyone exhibiting violent, abusive or illegal behavior will be turned over to the police officer on site.

  1. Participation at Slaughter house farm is not recommended for small children, those who have heart conditions, are pregnant, have asthma, are epileptic, or have other physical or mental health conditions that could be aggravated by a frightening environment.
  2. Strobe lights and fog machines are in use in this attraction.
  3. Actors, stationary and moving props, sets pieces, walls, and animatronics may come in contact with patrons in this attraction.
  4. Video surveillance is in use at this facility.

Slaughter House Farm Haunted attraction/ and or any of the Slaughter House Farm attraction’s sponsors/supporters or volunteers or property owners are not responsible for any loss, stolen and/or damaged possessions of patrons while on the premises of Slaughter House Farm Attraction. Slaughter House Farm makes all possible reasonable efforts to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for its patrons; however the nature of this event may produce certain neglectful behavior in a very small percent of its patrons. The above mentioned entities are NOT liable for personnel injury due to neglectful behavior of its patrons such as running, horseplay, and/or any other forms of unsafe behavior (either within or outside of the attraction) on the part of patrons that could result in injury. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.