Slaughter House Farm    

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Slaughter House Friends

This page is dedicated to our friends in the community who are out there to help others. We post links to other volunteer websites or events that raise money for a good cause. If you have an event or site you would like added just shoot me an E-mail at and ill try to get it up as soon as possible.     

 Brittany has an absolutely amazing site and really goes the distance when it comes to supporting our troops. Make sure to visit her page and see what this amazing girl is all about it would mean a lot to us here at Slaughter House Farm.   

This is Operation We Care this is a great organization filled with amazing and motivated people make sure you take a look. And don’t be afraid to volunteer they have something for everyone and you could not hope to meet a better group of volunteers.   

A portion of the proceeds from Slaughter House Farm will be donated to the Leukemia Society. Slaughter House Farm also supports Operation We care along with our Local Fire Department (Laurel Fire Company). Please help support these fine groups!!!