Slaughter House Farm    

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Once a year a local farm in Laurel Delaware transforms into what some call a brutally morbid nightmare the likes of which has not been seen or recorded in history. Rumor has it that TJ Scott bought the farm after a long stay at a local mental hospital. The farm is located just off route 13 in Laurel Delaware close enough to lore passing visitors of the busy highway and on to the farm property. What happens to those visitors after coming onto the farm has never been discovered. Abandoned cars have been found throughout Sussex County, However their owners seem to vanish. Blood curdling scream, gun shots and loud music comes from the farm at times however the police refuse to investigate. Large boxes have been found at the local post office marked for overseas shipping labeled as animal skins, however just recently one of those boxes was inspected and what appears to be human skin was found inside it. Unfortunately there was no return address on any of the suspected boxes. The farm is still in operation today! During the month of October the terror overflows!









The Scott family created Slaughter House Farm in Laurel Delaware to benefit Operation We Care. Operation We Care sends much needed care packages to our soldiers serving overseas. Funding from this project will help defray the cost of mailing those packages. By visiting Slaughter House Farm Halloween attraction you will not only get an awesome night of scares you will be supporting our troops. If you would like to sign up to help with this project please leave your info. on our contact section. HELP US HELP OUR HEROS! Come out and get scared!!!!

For group discounts to our haunted attraction you may call 302-381-2150

Slaughter House Farm address: 32076 Gordy Rd. Laurel Delaware 19956

Contact information: 302-381-2150


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